Academic Activities

Academic Activities


  1. Interdisciplinary Dual Degree on Quantum Science & Technology,  Aug’20
  2. New course: Quantum Integer Programming (ID5840)
  3. New course:  Experimental techniques for quantum computation and metrology (ID5843)
  4. PhD Scholars
    1. Shashank K Ranu – Quantum communication and computing
    2. Gautam Shaw – Differential phase quantum key distribution
    3. Suhail Ahmad Rather – Maximally entangling quantum gates 
    4. Akshaya Jayashankar – Quantum Error Correction
    5. Arindam Mitra – Quantum Cloning and Quantum Foundations
    6. Manoj Gowda – Quantum fault tolerance
    7. Kaushik Senthoor – Quantum error correction and quantum cryptography
    8. Lokesh CM – Interacting arrays of nanodiamonds
  5. MS, M.Tech projects
    1. Shyam Sridharan – Coherent one-way quantum key distribution
    2. Hiteshvi Solanki – Topological subsystem codes
  6. Postdoctoral Fellows
    1. S. Aravinda – Quantum many-body systems

External Linkages

External Linkages
  • QuST sanctions for proposals have been received for projects in Si-Photonics, Nitrogen Vacancy in Diamonds, Quantum Information and Quantum Error Correction.
  • Ongoing UAY project on Coherent One Way Quantum Key Distribution (COW-QKD)
  • Detailed project report (DPR) for the National Mission on Quantum Technology and Applications (NMQTA)
  • Proposal on Quantum Networks submitted to CC&BT, MEITy


  • Prof. Michele Heurs, Leibniz University Hannover – Dec’19
  • Prof. David DiVincenzo, JARA Institute for Quantum Information – Feb’20