Tayur Prize for Quantum Optimization


Tayur Prize 2022 – (To be awarded in January 2023)

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2021 Tayur Prize for Numerical Performance of GAMA-inspired methods for Important/Imaginative Applications.(GAMA: Graver Augmented Multi-seed Algorithm.)

  • First Place: Sai Sakunthala (ED18b044) and Apurva (EP18b004)  for the use of GAMA on a Binary Classification problem
  • Second Place: Shivaprasad (EP19B030) and Neelkanth (PH20C026) for the Quadratic Knapsack problem


2020 Tayur Prize is to encourage students to build a photonic Ising machine, demonstrate that it can solve an NP-hard optimization problem, and compare its performance against a classical solver. It is being awarded to two teams

  • First Place: Parth Shah (ee17b059) and Gautam Umashankar (ee17b033) for building a  Time-Multiplexed CIM photonic Ising machine to solve the Max-Cut Problem.
  • Second Place: Vignesh Natarajan (ee17b119) and Vikram Ramesh (project staff) for building a Spatial-Photonic IM -Ising machine to solve the Number Partitioning Problem.