Tayur Prize 2022

(To be awarded in January 2023)

Today we are in an era of Noisy Intermediate-Scale Quantum (NISQ) processors. The processors of today have between 50-100 qubits, but the high levels of noise affecting both the qubits and gates prevents such quantum devices from reaching their full potential.

An important challenge in this context is to design efficient compilers for the current generation of NISQ devices. Compiling involves mapping ideal, logical quantum circuits onto existing hardware prototypes, while considering the constraints specific to each hardware. In past work, constraints including connectivity among the qubits, proximity issues as well as the gate-times for universal gate-set have been accounted for, to find the optimal compiler that minimizes the running time of a given quantum circuit.


The challenge for the 2022 Tayur prize is to identify the optimal compiler by taking into account qubit decoherence as well as gate-noise into the optimization routine that goes into designing an efficient compiler for NISQ circuits.

Specific tasks could include, finding the optimal transpiled circuit for

  • A specific quantum algorithm such as Factoring, Search or VQA
  • Encoding into a standard quantum error correcting code
  • Quantum simulations such as a 1-d Ising chain or random quantum circuit models

The optimization should account for both decoherence affecting the idling qubits in the circuit as well as gate-fidelities, and, yield a quantum circuit that is optimized for the circuit runtime. The success of the optimal circuit will be benchmarked using the fidelity from actual runs on the IBM Q hardware.


[1] R. Dridi, H. Alghassi, and S. Tayur, Knuth-Bendix Completion Algorithm and Shuffle Algebras for Compiling NISQ Circuits, arXiv preprint arXiv:1905.00129 (2019).
[2] A. Paler et al.Fault-tolerant, high-level quantum circuits: form, compilation and description”, Quantum Science and Technology 025003, (2017).

Important Dates:

10th December, 2022 — Deadline for submitting a short (Max 1 Page) proposal with a concrete problem statement

10th January, 2023 — Final submission Deadline

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Resource Persons:

Dr. Prabha Mandayam (PH)

Dr. Anil Prabhakar (EE)