Introduction to Quantum Computing: Quantum Algorithms and Qiskit

By Prof. Prabha Mandayam, Prof. Anupama Ray, Prof. Sheshashayee Raghunathan | IIT Madras, IBM Research, IBM Systems

Quantum computing is fast emerging as one the key disruptive technologies of our times. It is a fundamentally new computing paradigm that has the potential to efficiently solve certain challenging problems which cannot be solved efficiently in a classical setting. IBM has made significant investment in this technology and is recognized as a leader in this space. This course will provide an introduction to Quantum Computation, starting with basic concepts such as superposition and entanglement, to discussing the quantum circuit model of computation and basic Quantum algorithms that demonstrate the power of computing with quantum bits. We will also introduce the idea of quantum error correction to mitigate the effects of noise in today’s quantum devices. We will have full hands-on sessions for each concept taught using Qiskit, a pythonic way of programming and the IBM Circuit Composer .

INTENDED AUDIENCE : Open to students, researchers and faculty from Computer Science and Physics, Mathematics and Chemistry departments.
PRE-REQUISITES    : Basic Linear algebra is a pre-requisite. (You can brush-up from any crash course, ex:
INDUSTRY SUPPORT  : IBM, Microsoft, Intel, TCS, Infosys, CQC, Honeywell, Google, Riggetti, D-Wave and several others would be interested and value this course as IBM has been the pioneer in Quantum technologies both in hardware and software and have several Quantum computers available as well as the entire software stack is available.

Start Time

12:00 am

23rd August 2021

Finish Time

12:00 am

17th September 2021