Interdisciplinary Dual Degree Program (IDDD) on Quantum Science and Technology

The program focuses on the challenges in QuST, from basic physics to devices to systems engineering. Students are encouraged to explore the different aspects of the latest developments in this exciting field through courses, research papers and projects.

  1. List of Courses and their Contents are here
  2. Eligibility – upgrade to the IDDD program after your 6th semester

Continuing Education – Sponsored M.Tech in QuST

  1. 4 semesters
  2. Program fees 5 L
  3. 190 credits (core – 48, elective – 57, project – 85)
  4. Eligibility – B.E./B.Tech or equivalent
  5. Apply here

Specialized Courses

  1. PH5840: Quantum Computing & Quantum Information
  2. ID5840: Quantum Integer Programming
  3. ID5841: Quantum Computing Laboratory
  4. ID5843: Experimental techniques for quantum computation and metrology
  5. EE6502: Quantum Communications